Friday, May 7, 2010

Long Time No See....

Woots !! really long time didn't come in & blog d
since the last post jz after my STPM exam....
within this period,have done a lot of things,had some memorable events
& trips,experiencing some up & down in life,facing the stress of working life....

Briefly about my holidays after STPM,

My dad 55th Birthday @ Redbox

Genting Trip with my Cadet folks

Most Memorable-Sixth form Graduation Dinner @ E&O Hotel

A Famosa Trip

Kek Lok Si visit with friend

Then i started to work at Bee Cheng Hiang Queensbay outlet...
But not so ideal working there,very unhappy working there,
after 2 months,
i changed to work at Kitchmate,
a company which selling electric stove...
Very very enjoy there and the colleague there very nice...
but because of their company policy,
i jz able to work there until end of April....

and now,i'm doin nothing at home but yet trying
to search for new job to kill my another 2 months time
before i enter university....

(to be continued.....)

Friday, December 11, 2009

I'm Here !!!

Yeah ! I'm finally back !! *clap hand to welcome la..
past few months was time for preparation for STPM....
many things also din post up n now also forgotten wat happened d....

STPM is finally ended after 3 weeks of "pak pia-ing"....
well,its no point to predict the results for now....
during March next year everything will be known...

What i need to do now is enjoying my long long holidays for about 6 months... is the last day of STPM n alrdy had some outing today...
-movie 2012 at Queensbay in the afternoon

-coffee island n CC at night...

I gonna planning a list of wat shld do after this...

1. clean my room..
  • clear all my notes that dumping every corner of my room
  • rearrange my desk n cupboard
  • change the new bedsheet tat bought (long time din change d since exam started..^^)
  • bring the unuse notes n books to recycle to reproduce and let my junior suffer again...hahax...
2. plan a healthy lifestyle..
  • easily to get sick recently...
  • feel tat body is weakened..=.=
3. play all the facebook gamesss....
  • as you see i am playing restaurant city and now started to play Farm Ville...
4. update my blog..
5. watch those movie tat i wished to watch but hvnt...

6. Genting trip wif my cadet buddies for FREE !! (21-22 Dec)

7. Finally seek for a job n earn money......

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

STPM mode.....

25 days to STPM...
i still hvnt finished revise my syllabus...OMG !!
feel more & more tension & stress day by day....=.=
especially my MATH...haiz.....
anyone can help me or any 仙丹 for me?

Just keep the fire burning & DETERMINATION !!!

I can DO IT !!!!

*besides tat hope ANG KONG PO PI also.......

will not update my blog for a period....
will be back to here after my STPM exam....

Friday, September 18, 2009

Today went to watch UP with a friend at Prangin Mall....
but when we went in the theatre,it's really shock us..
the whole theatre only got 4 person including us...=.=
it's meaning the Cathay Cineplex is almost "gone"? haiz...

But goin there was actually suggested by my fren,
if let me decide,i also don wan go Prangin..
bcoz the parking fees there is extremely expensive...
I went there for only about 2 ans a half hour,
but they charged my RM5 ! omg !!

After we went New World Park got our dinner....

It's how about the first day of my holidays....

(to be continued....)

Thursday, September 17, 2009


my STPM trial is about to finished...
actually is going to end tomolo...
but ystrday a sudden announcement by our
Prime Minister about Hari Raya brought forward..
so our PA paper 1 has been forced to postpone until after holidays...

Do i really hv the mood to memorise all the particular things about
the system running in our country management ? =.=

Anyway,i did badly in my trial although the results
hvnt come out...not even finished half of my syllabus but dare
to walked in the examination hall....haiz..
i have started revising late...

But after this,my fears has appear...
bout how if really got a low CGPA in my STPM?
CGPA of 3.00 is enough for me..not hoping much...

Really hv to start keep on revising now... !!!!

Hope the fire burning in my mind just as the few days
before my trial tat i was fighting will not blow away
but burns more vigorously....

(to be continued.....)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Yesterday (27/8) one of my classmate,"dai ka jie"'s birthday..
Wooo....wat a big & special day...hahax...

After my chemistry tuition at PISA,
stright rushed to Seoul Garden at Gurney Plaza
for her birthday celebration...
(reached there bout 8pm due to the serious traffic jam..)

BBQ steamboat at Seoul Garden

Me & birthday girl....^^

posting *

After we took enough photos after eating,
we has proceeded to BED at Mellisa Row....

and went bac around 12sumthing and
ended the day....^^

(to be continued....)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Cousin's Birthday dinner....

Today went out with my family,my relative to celebrate my godsister
birthday who has back from Singapore for work...

We had our dinner at "Xiang Wei" which located around Padang Tembak..

*skip the photos of the food on tat's too much...^^

After we had our dinner,
we called for the "dessert" prepared by my elder cousin..
it's actually a homemade "cake" and to gv a suprise to the birthday girl...

It's really nice & delicious...!

introduce about this:
although it looks like a cake,but it's actually a cake shaped ice-cream..
made from Baskin Robbin's ice-cream..and Chips More as the edge...
and topping wif various type of fruits..
All the ingredients cost >RM100 !

After tat we jz had a photo session...^^

Me and the birthday girl..

My family...^^

(to be continued.....)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Farewell for Siew Juan...

Yesterday night went to Segafrado at UPR
with Siew Juan and gangs for her farewell as she
is leaving for US for her studies soon...

from left : Me,Siew Juan,Neo,Richard

After that some of them feeling bored &
suggested to change place...
Then we jz moved forward to Soi 11..

Anyway,I'm actually not an "alcoholphile"...
but somehow nvm la...maybe tat will be the last
outing wif her...jz enjoy lerrr.....^^

the backdrop is soo nice...
but we dinn't go in ar...hahax....

Me,Sj & Tzin Yung..

Last shot for everyone before leaving...

Reached home around 2sumthing...=.=

Goodbye & all the Best to SJ !

Wednesday, August 5, 2009




有时还会在这年通宵呢 !有说有笑
现在只剩我一个人来这 =(


My buddies in Police Cadet...^^

Me & my belove teacher-Mr.Lye


With our juniors....

Our memories in KLCC...with identical t-shirt..

During our celebration dinner...
*posted like gay,but we are NOT ! hahax...


都不是唇齿留“湘”而已,而是永刻于心 !

这些回忆只能在我愁闷时,带给我一丝微笑 ~(^_^)~


毕业后应该有着和我一样的伤感吧 !


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Went for movie at Gurney Plaza jz nw...
We actually went for "The Taking Of Pelham 123",
but due to the time we reached there alrdy late,
we couldnt get a nice seats for tat show,
then we went for "Public Enermy".....

However,the movie was out of our expectation..
the timeline story is about the earlier centuries...
felt that the rhythm of the story quite slow and a bit bored..
one of my fren slept half-way..=.=

Then we decided to change dom for another movie..
since we r free to move...
we went for our actual planned show,
"The Taking Of Pelham 123",

When we went in although it has alrdy
started half-way...
but this was better than the previous 1..
tat's more exciting with modern timeline...
we had continue watched it for almost 1hr..

although we have only watched for 1 hr,
feel tat i had "watched" bac RM7 of my ticket price
instead of continue watching the "Public Enermy"...^^

(to be continued.....)

Monday, July 27, 2009


Do you know to play piano?

Come and see this clip...
jz take you wont regret to take this 2 mins
to view this clip..
the guy is bravo !!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Tiring Saturday...

Today woke up by around 9 am,
then played some songs and sing to "open" my voice,
bcoz after that i went for singing competition audition in sch..

When i reached sch,there was so many ppl waiting there..
at first i was very nervous actually...somehow that was my first time..
to take part in such thing..
although i had been performed in a concert b4..^^

It's my turn,i went in the room and sang 痛彻心扉 by Nicholas Teo..
the auditor commented on me to control my volumn & pronounsation..
however i din hope tat i will be selected,
jz a good experience for me..^^

After tat i hanging in sch and waited until 2pm for my
police cadet AGM...
i changed my uniform then went for it..
the meeting had called for 3hrs..really long...
however,i got my certs for competition & a nice souvenir...
like it so much....

But somehow,that night wasn't my night...
very unhappy & sad throughout the night...T.T

(to be continued.....)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Chemical Reaction...化学作用...


两位主角--Adrian & J.X.,在实验室里看到什么就拿来参,
一位从后面不懂怎样弄来一瓶他所谓的"long kao zui",
第一次没参这么多,出了烟,差点滚溢了出来 ! 老师又没注意到 !

还是热的 !

我穿长裤,那液体的酸性很高,竟然还把我的裤子给烧破了 !
还把我的膝盖烧伤 ! =.=
从都到尾我都没动手,不过受害者是我....哎 !


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

2009 National Level Marching competition...

Here are some of the photos of

2009 National Level Marching competition in Kuantan,Pahang.

due to some "time management" problem,
jz got these from my fren ysterday...^^

19th of June,2009

-penyesuaian tapak at Dataran Stadium Makmur,

Penang team !

hving lunch at Teluk Chempedak..
beach of 南中国海..

This is the hostel where we stayed
for the 3 days there...
8 person per room wif 4 bedroom...

During the "Jamuan Negeri".

20th of June
Competition real day..

Holding Penang's flag is me...

Me(left) helping my teammate...^^

-Uniform checking..

Here we came !

Penang team on the field !!

photos taking before the prize
giving ceremony...

: "Seterusnya,bagi johan pertandingan kawad
kaki pasukan badan beruniform 2009,
kategori agensi kerajaan,